Research Project of Global Love Culture

To find a practical way for manifestation of oneness of humanity based on a common global love culture


Research project type and method:

Type: applied research
Method: qualitative research / field research
based on "cultural anthropology" and "ontology"

The research theoretical framework:

The boobk of "Unconditional Love, An Unlimited Way of Being" / By Harold W. Becker / First edition: 2007
The boobk of "Zero Present Theory" / By Roauf Khalil Aqayi / First edition: 2011

Project managers and staff:

Researcher: Roauf Khalil Aqayi (Global love ambassador of The Love Foundation) /
Other colleagues who will be chosen later: Professors and specialists in the fields of cultural anthropology and ontology



Many humanitarian laws and values have been created based on the concepts of "oneness of humanity and global unconditional love", but still these concepts (excluding exceptional items) are just a theory in the broad social and global level.
We have seen many humanitarian individual and social beliefs and movements globally, but it seems that they have been just a theory generally or were as a temporary treatment and painkiller, and in fact could not be a fundamental solution to the enormous problems of human society with an equal view to the whole of humanity based on a global unconditional love.
And at this juncture in history, we need to find the solutions to practical realization of this theory, to we be able to move in the direction of creating a global culture based on a real and deep understanding of the oneness of humanity; and practical love to each other in the form of a global family be part of our daily behavior and lifestyle anywhere in the world.
And in order to fulfill this project, we want to prove that the oneness of humanity is an undeniable truth, and all of us together can actually take steps in the path of realization of a global common culture based on unconditional love.

Research hypotheses:

- Based on the belief in the oneness of humanity, there are many cultural commonalities among various people all over the world that are detectable.
- There is a possibility of establishing a global common culture by strengthening cultural commonalities of people in different countries and territories (impartially) and expand their communication based on the common cultural commonalities.
- By forming the global common culture understanding power of the members of society can be increased about the oneness of humanity.
- Increasing public understanding of the oneness of humanity can increase unconditional love among people around the world.
- The global common culture based on the expansion of unconditional love in the world, can find a solution to the great problems of human society and change the course of the evolution of mankind.

Problem Statement:

We will attempt to be recorded needed information about different cultures with implementation of this project based on a comprehensive applied research, and to find answers of the questions below practically after extensive and careful analysis under the supervision of prominent international professors in the field of ontology and cultural anthropology:
- What are the common points of different cultures based on coordination with the view of oneness of humanity?
- How can we strengthen the common points?
- How the common points can be extended in trans-regional and transnational level in a way that can result in formation of a common global culture?
- What are the barriers, their solutions and the prerequisites to form a common global culture?
- How the global culture could provide suitable conditions to increase understanding power of members of society about oneness of humanity?
- How increasing understanding of the oneness and therefore, social expansion of unconditional love can be a factor to form a common global culture based on unconditional love?
- How the global common culture can evolve into a global love culture?
- What beliefs and values will be the basis for the global love culture?
- And finally, how a common global culture based on unconditional love will be able to find a solution to the great problems of human society, and change the course of the evolution of mankind?

Research methods and techniques:

The research methodology is qualitative research and field research. And in general, the required information will be extracted through observation, ethnographic films and content analysis.
The research will be conducted under the project of "hiking and running in cities around the world", and with physical presence in the capital of any country or territory. And welcomed by the people and communicate with them in the framework of the project which will allow to strengthen the researcher ability to understand the situation and problems of people around the world, and also their cultural commonalities emerge better in a friendly atmosphere and in the humanitarian level. (It is noteworthy that usually and in normal circumstances, many of the common cultural features are hidden under types of bigotry, provincial thinking and prejudices. And generally, the commonalities will be manifest more, when two people communicate with each other sincerely and free of religious, economic, political and national prejudices, etc.)
In any case, this action will provide an opportunity to be introduced our humanitarian purposes and the researcher be able to communicate closely with the public, a number of intellectuals and great human beings, to cooperate closely with a number of charities and also be familiar with a number of needy people and the problems of people in each region. And also he will be familiar with the positive traits and cultural commonalities, with the humanitarian action to the benefit of the people, like a member of their community, that will be recorded as set of detailed reports and extensive and deep analyzes.
As well as the entire project will be recorded through photograph and video and audio, that eventually all information in written or audio-visual will be reviewed and evaluated with the help of leading scholars in the fields of ontology and cultural anthropology.
Of course, communication with the public will continue indirectly for better understanding of their culture and problems, after project implementation in each country and territory. And also will be used the other sources of written or audio-visual as a complementary to research project, for more information and better understanding of some issues.

Why "implementation plan" is in the form of "hiking and running in cities around the world"?

Hiking and running in cities (in very different climates and with different risks and problems) will be a symbol of perseverance in the path of practical message transfer of love and philanthropy to people around the world, and it will attract attention and confidence faster, and also can be a good reason for better communication with public based on faster introduction of the researcher (project implementer) and due to the reflection of humanitarian objectives and actions in the general level.

Purposes of research:

- To identify cultural commonalities of people in different countries and territories.
- To understand (not just to know) the different circumstances, types of intellectual and emotional frameworks, as well as the problems of people in different countries and territories, as much as possible.
- Identification of great human beings in different regions of the world and encourage them to focus on the path of resolving difficult questions and great problems of human society together.

How research results will be presented?

In the form of a special, practical and analytical comprehensive book under the title of "Global Love Culture" as a practical framework for creating a common global culture based on unconditional love in the direction of resolving difficult questions and great problems of human society.

Please refer to the “implementation plan” for more information.