Frequently Asked Questions


What is the "Global Love Culture"?

The "Global Love Culture" is a major and neutral (non-political and non-religious) international humanitarian project to promote unconditional love, under consultation and in cooperation with The Love Foundation.

Who is the planner of the project?

The planner of the project is Roauf Khalil Aqayi (The global love ambassador of The Love Foundation).

Where the project will be implemented?

In the capital and major cities of more than 256 countries and territories around the world.

What is the significance of this project?

Many humanitarian laws and values have been created based on the concepts of "oneness of humanity and global unconditional love", but still these concepts (excluding exceptional items) are just a theory in the broad social and global level.
We have seen many humanitarian individual and social beliefs and movements globally, but it seems that they have been just a theory generally or were as a temporary treatment and painkiller, and in fact could not be a fundamental solution to the enormous problems of human society with an equal view to the whole of humanity based on a global unconditional love.
And at this juncture in history, we need to find the solutions to practical realization of this theory, to we be able to move in the direction of creating a global culture based on a real and deep understanding of the oneness of humanity; and practical love to each other in the form of a global family be part of our daily behavior and lifestyle anywhere in the world.
And in order to fulfill this project, we want to prove that the oneness of humanity is an undeniable truth, and all of us together can actually take steps in the path of realization of a global common culture based on unconditional love.

What is the most important purpose of the project?

To formation of a global movement to manifest the global love culture based on pure human values and love, and also based on recognition of divinity of each person in the human society.

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